As the pioneer of surge control methods of pressure transient, PULSCO has developed a substantial history of proven performance since first installed in 1922. Their experience and expertise has expanded into the design of complete systems that solve an array of fluid transmission and delivery challenges. PULSCO works with its customers to determine the best system to meet their needs, evaluating the most dependable, safest and cost efficient methods whether air-over-water or bladder based, for surge suppression, pressure control, and much more.

Hydropneumatic Surge

PULSCO’s Hydropneumatic Surge Control System, commonly known as surge arrestors or shock traps, are designed to eliminate damaging shock waves and pressure transients in fluid transporting systems. These pressure transients are referred as water hammer, surge or shock.
Hydropneumatic Pressure
PULSCO’s Hydropneumatic Pressure Control System is a control and feedback application that maintains water system pressure between a specified pressure range to prevent system pumps from cycling off and on too often.
Hydropneumatic Bladder
PULSCO’s Hydropneumatic Bladder Surge Control System are design for control of damaging shock waves and pressure transients in fluid transport systems with low head and smooth, even gradient transmission lines. The Bladder Systems provides superior surge protection for industries processing potable, raw and waste water.

Pulsco - 4 - Skypark Controller
Pulsco - 3 - Bladder
Pulsco - 1 - Hydropneumatic
Pulsco - 2 - Air Over Water

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